Arne Ratermanis


Kahala Travel: A Logo 30 Years in the Making


I recently completed a logo design for San Diego’s premier travel agency, Kahala Travel. The company is celebrating its thirty years in business (and $19 million in sales!). They want to thank their clientele by offering special deals, give-aways and contests throughout the upcoming year. What was needed was a way to tie all these events together. The solution – a logo commemorating the company’s 30th anniversary.

I was excited and truly honored to be given the assignment. What made this new project so meaningful to me? I created the original Kahala Travel brand identity 30 years ago!


When discussing the need for an anniversary logo, Kahala Travel owner and CEO, Joyce Dentt reminisced on my original presentation, made some 30 years ago, for the Kahala brand design. She recalled the explanations behind the chosen logo mark: Evoking a tropical beach theme (the Kahala name came from a favorite Hawaiian destination of the Dentt family) the logo mark can be seen as either a stylized seashell or palm tree. And, most importantly to Joyce, the lines fanning out from the base of the mark represent travel – from one spot to many locations around the globe. She said it was that concept that makes her think of family, a home base and discovering new destinations.


Over the years, the company has been consistent in following its visual style guide and continues to stay true to its brand persona. Today, the Kahala Travel brand is as strong as ever.


The final 30th anniversary design showcases the company’s logo mark set over the numeral 30 and wrapped in a circular enclosure with “KAHALA TRAVEL” arcing above and ‘30TH ANNIVERSARY’ below. This new logo will be applied to all of Kahala Travel’s corporate communications and marketing materials for the next year.

Congratulations to Kahala Travel! Here's to thirty more years!