Arne Ratermanis


San Diego Comic-con 2018: The Year of Wynonna Earp


2018 marked my 26th year of attending the San Diego Comic-con International. Every year is different. Some years are better than others – but it’s always a good time.

This year will always be remembered as "The Year of Wynonna Earp.” Back in May, the SYFY channel reached out to me asking if I would be interested in creating artwork that would be used during Comic-con to promote their TV series, Wynonna Earp. As a huge nerdy fan of the show I was more than happy to!


SYFY had pointed to a drawing I made of Wynonna Earp on a queen of hearts playing card. They liked the concept and wanted me to expand on it. The art would be used as a vehicle wrap on the San Diego trolley and shuttle buses. After a couple layout revisions, to accommodate for logos, vents, wheel wells, etc., a final graphic for the trolley and two for the buses (one each for the driver and passenger sides) were delivered.


The trolley wrap was unveiled about a month before Comic-con so I had a couple chances to catch it running through the city. But, I’ve got to say, seeing it go past the convention center during Comic-con was, for me, epic! And the buses as well. They could be seen throughout the four days shuttling con-goers from hotels all over San Diego to the front doors of the center.


Spotting the artwork all around town, and seeing it on social media with many Earper fans sharing photos taken with the buses and trolley, made this Comic-con a very special one. But to top it off, I met the star of Wynonna Earp – actress Melanie Scrofano!


The cast of the show was making an appearance at the IDW Entertainment booth (the production company for the Wynonna Earp TV series) so I made my way over there hoping to get a glimpse. The booth was packed with fans. Somehow I was spotted in the crowd by actor Tim Rozon who plays Doc Holliday. I met him briefly at past cons and am always surprised he remembers me. The nicest guy. He waved and then pointed me out to Melanie. Melanie “Wynonna Earp” Scrofano! Unexpectedly, Melanie stood up from the long table separating the cast from the crowd and called me over. She moved some barriers and directed me into the roped off area. Meeting her was the highlight of the con. Greeted with many compliments on all the art – she thanked me for my work. I was thrilled. And very humbled.

With two more days of the convention yet to go, my con was already complete!